Dawood Ibrahim’s Cohort Yousuf Memon Dies in Jail

Dawood Ibrahim is wanted in 1993 Mumbai attacks

According to a Baaghi TV report, accused in the 1993 Mumbai attacks, Yousuf Memon, has died in jail. The brother of Yousuf Memon, Tiger Memon, is at large having escaped arrest for the attacks. Yousuf Memon has died in Nashik Jail, Maharashtra. The jail officials have confirmed the death but the cause of death is unknown. The body has been taken for post-mortem. Nashik Police Commissioner Vishwas Nangare Patil has confirmed the death.

According to Indian media, Yousuf Memon’s brother Tiger Memon who is at large, planned the attacks along with Dawood Ibrahim. The allegation on Yousuf Memon was that he provided his garage in Mumbai for the attacks and the building of flats where the attacks were planned. Yousuf Memon was sentenced to life imprisonment during a special hearing of the Terrorist and Disruptive Activities (Prevention) Act (TADA). Another brother Yaqub Memon was hanged in 2015.

In the bomb attacks that happened in 1993 in Mumbai, 257 people died and more than 700 were injured. These were the most damaging attacks in the history of Mumbai. It is said that Tiger Memon organised the attacks with the help and support of the order of his friend Dawood Ibrahim.

The Indian Supreme Court gave its decision regarding this case 20 years after the attacks on 21st March 2013. However two important accused persons Dawood Ibrahim and Tiger Memon, were not arrested. The Maharashtra government decided fo hang Yaqub Memon on his 53rd birthday, 30th July 2015. He pleaded for mercy but it was not granted to him and he was hanged on that day.

These attacks happened after the anti-Muslim riots in Mumbai in the wake of the demolition of the Babri Masjid, in which more than 1000 Muslims lost their lives. The case on the attacks that happened in response to the riots reached its conclusion and people got punishments also but to this day no one has been punished for the deaths of those more than 1000 Muslims who died in the riots.

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