DC Rawalpindi Urges Citizens to Take Precautions Against Coronavirus

RAWALPINDI, Mar 25 (APP): Given the situation ensuing as part of the worldwide third wave of the coronavirus, DC Rawalpindi Capt (Retd) Anwar-ul-Haq is stressing the need for taking precautions. It has been noted as part of the third wave that the virus is not only more infectious, as exhibited in the rising positivity rate, but the mortality rate has also sharply risen. That is is why it is important to take more precautions than before.

A spokesman for the district administration has said that safety measures are being taken and it is crucial for the citizens to follow the SOPs issued by the NCOC and the Punjab government in order to curb the spread of the virus. Violations against the SOPs are being dealt with a firmer hand, as raids are conducted by Assistant Commissioners and Magistrates, at various public areas. Fines amounting to Rs 44,000 have been imposed and 13 public areas sealed. District officers have been instructed to focus on all potential hotspots.

The Punjab Government has directed the district administration to make the following of precautions an immediate priority. The police is also a part of these efforts. SP Potohar has promised to give its best for the purpose. He said there would be no discrimination in ensuring that laws are followed.

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