Deadly Virus ‘Adeno’ Spreading Rapidly in Chickens

Lahore: Deadly virus ‘adeno’ will spread rapidly in chickens.

Doctors and the owners of the poultry farm have confirmed the news.

An autopsy on chickens at the Veterinary University in Lahore has revealed a virus found in them named Adeno. This new virus is killing 4,000 chickens daily.

Professor Tahir Yaqub, director of the Department of Microbiology at the Veterinary University, says the adenovirus has begun to prey on chickens after Rani Khet and influenza.

He said that these viruses attack the nervous system of chickens and also cause respiratory diseases while the queen field vaccine has become ineffective due to adeno virus.

Prof. Tahir Yaqoob says to avoid buying small and young chickens sold in urban markets and only buy chickens weighing 2 kg.

He said that the death of chickens due to the virus, is causing their price to increase.