Death threats to Cynthia by PPP leaders


Karachi, 29th May: Death threats are being made by PPP workers and leaders to Cynthia de Richie.

According to Baaghi TV report, Cynthia de Richie, a well-known American citizen, has stated on her Twitter account, that she is receiving death threats from the PPP party members.

Cynthia further said that those who oppress justice and law in every possible way and by raping and abusing others should be held accountable with dire consequences. The young generation should get rid of such leaders.

It should be noted that when actress Uzma Khan was targeted for violence, many people criticized the act and its perpetrators. Among them is Cynthia de Richie, a well-known American citizen whose tweets have caused great unrest in some quarters in Pakistan, and a defamation suit has been filed against her in a Pakistani court.

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Cynthia de Richie has been campaigning on social media to promote tourism in Pakistan for the past few years and Westerners have watched her videos millions of times. Cynthia de Richie is highly valued because of her work.

In her tweets, Cynthia condemned the attack on Malik Riaz’s daughters, saying that it reminded her of the time when Zardari’s infidels were raided by Benazir along with her guards and her guards used to abuse Zardari’s lovers.

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