Declaring war against Pakistan’s national security, PPP and PMLN leadership should be investigated

"Pakistan opposition has died its political death", Wing Cdr. (Retd), Muhammad Nawaz Asim LLM.

Three directional national security concerns;

(1) The PM of Pakistan

(2) The Opposition

(3) The Establishment

They all are moving in their own direction for their own interest.

In the wake of briefing from General Qamar Bajwa on an international forum, which I heard on the electronic media, that we are harvesting, what we sowed 40 years ago. He is absolutely correct in saying that; because when USSR attacked Afghanistan in the late 70s we supported Afghans and created Mujahidin groups in full support from the USA to fight USSR and that was the seed sowed 40 years ago. Russia got defeated badly and When Russians were leaving Afghanistan an interim Afghan government of Afghan warlords was established under a joint arrangement by the American CIA and ISI. However, when Benazir was installed after the death of Zia Ul Haq, the Mujahedeen were replaced by the Taliban and Mulla Umar created an Islamic government in Afghanistan, which was again not accepted by a secular mindset of PPP in Pakistan. The media played a dirty role to malign the peaceful state of Afghanistan under Taliban control. Thereafter it is a long story of 9/11 and handing over of Pakistani air bases to US Air Force to crush Taliban.

After 40 years of the sowing of seeds, now the world is harvesting it in form of defeat of Coalition Forces by Afghan Taliban and Americans are vacating their highly equipped air bases unconditional, and in this entire scenario Pakistani PM has played his cards very well by saying that instead of DO MORE it is going to be NO MORE. That is what should be done by the head of a sovereign and nuclear state. It is the spirit of Jihad displayed by Afghans that the only super of the world has begun its shameful retreat, therefore it is unfair and foolish to say that Jihad is useless in the modern era.

After the US defeat in Afghanistan, if China and Pakistan can play their card wisely, then the era of a unipolar world is going to be over and China will replace EX USSR to be called a Superpower in making with access to hot waters with entry from Port of Gwadar. After Imran Khan’s brave statement of: “ABSOLUTELY NOT” and “NO MORE instead of DO MORE” the Pakistan opposition has died its political death and if Imran Khan becomes more strong then PPP and PMLN leadership will have to return billions of looted money, which will be enough to pay off the foreign loans and that is the reasons that Bilawal himself and CM Sindh, the son of a convicted thief has announced that if Imran remains as PM there may be more Bangladashes in Pakistan, they actually pointed towards the creation of Sindhu Desh. Their statement is an act of treason against Pakistan and they are liable for criminal proceedings under Art.6 of the Constitution. Instead of being charged for treason against Pakistan, both are leaving for New York on 7th July without declaring their agenda of visit to the US and the establishment is quiet on this.

For declaring war against the national security of Pakistan, they should be put on ECL and must be investigated for their statement against Pakistan. I request the establishment to take initiative under the relevant provisions of the constitution and secret act. This is the third/fourth generation of the traitors speaking so vocally against the security of Pakistan. Here the question arises; are they speaking their own language or they being fed to speak so dangerously against the very existence of the country. Just one word of counseling that no one shall speak against the Nizam e Khilafat. It is not that we can have Caliphs in the country, but we shall endeavor to implement that rule of law of the kind, which shall be according to the State Medina to look after the public interest like it was being done during the time Hazrat Umar RAUH. After the departure of US forces from Afghanistan, I am hopeful that the way Afghan army is surrendering before the Taliban, is going to be the return of the Islamic era of the ‘Uthman Empire’ and only the secular community, infidels, and the corrupt thieves will never like that and that is why they are trying to seek help from the west and getting vocal against the victory of Taliban against NATO forces.


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