Deepika Padukone Believes That Learning Comes In Any Form


ISLAMABAD, July 7 (online): Deepika Padukone recently addressed the Class of 2020 during online streaming of their graduation party. She spoke about how she dropped out of college to follow her passion.

Today the world knows Deepika Padukone as the most successful actor, one of the world’s most influential people but before she became a star she dropped out of pursuing further education. Having represented the nation at various international platforms and being the global face, Deepika has created a legacy for herself with her talent and her journey till the top is inspiring.

Back in early days, when Deepika was in college, she was already a successful model, before she left everything to pursue her dream career of being an actress in Bollywood. The actress takes a trip down memory lane with her inspiring journey when she shares that she studied to just pass exams. Academics and grades were not her thing. She was more interested in extracurricular activities. Studies weren’t her calling.

Deepika talking about it during the interaction said, “Exams, tests, none of it ever made any sense to me. I did all of school, all of 2 years of college just doing it because I had to do it, doing it because I did not want to let my parents down and one thing my parents said to me was just don’t fail. We are not expecting you to get 80-90 per cent. Our expectation that you just pass. I didn’t want to fail a year. I just wanted to get done with it.”

Having an inclination towards creative things and performing, Deepika shares that she always enjoyed being a part of several celebrations or playing sports or just doing theatre. She believes she had far more takeaways from the extracurricular activities than textbooks.

She may term herself as a mediocre student in school but her hard work, determination and passion has made her triumphant in life. Deepika focused her skills into acting and doing what she always wanted to do at an early age, went on to achieve huge success with her talent. Not stopping there, she has also delivered some iconic characters that are etched in our hearts forever.

Her achievement story is inspiring for all those young students who may have a strong wish to follow their passion but haven’t had any motivation or support to do so.

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