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Defence Day: A Story of Honor and Commitment

Defence-Day-A-Story-of-Honor-and-Commitment #Baaghi

It is a unanimous fact, that most of the time we accept our freedom as citizens of a free country and the peaceful environment of our city and other parts of Pakistan wherever we go. This is because our armed force works around the clock to protect us from foreign and other domestic threats. Their constitutional role is to work for the defense and security of the country under the guidance of the civilian government and these personnel make great sacrifices if necessary during their duty.

Defense Day, as the name reveals, commemorates the day when our brave armed forces effectively defended our country against the attack of the Indian forces in the 1965 war and gave them a befitting response. This day is a tribute to all our martyrs of the war  – thereby, we celebrate defense day annually in memory of our martyrs, and the sacrifices made by the Pakistan Armed Forces in the 1965 war.

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The Indian forces attacked our borders on September 6, 1965. It was a tactical approach to stop the advancement of the Pakistani army in Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir. They primarily attacked the desert areas of Lahore, Sialkot, and Sindh.

The war continued until September 22, 1965, when both agreed to an UN-brokered ceasefire. In this way, we have a duty to honor and respect all the soldiers in our country who have sacrificed their lives so that we, our relatives, and our nation could live in peace. Today, there must be those who are still faithfully fulfilling the promise they made with the motherland. As, we know many of our martyred national heroes were rewarded with Nishan e Haider, the highest military award for their bravery.

Major Raja Aziz Bhatti was one of the recipients of Nishan e Haider, which he received in acknowledgment of his selfless, devoted services for his land in the line of duty. In 1965 his extraordinary role in the defense of the Lahore BRB (Bambawali-Ravi-Bedian Canal) area set an iconic example in military history. He made the ultimate sacrifice of his life in the defense of Pakistan.

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Defense Day is also a day of renewal of the pledge that we are a strong, proud nation, and that we will not be afraid of any foreign nation, even if they No matter how strong. It reflects the fighting spirit, bravery, and strategy of the great nation of Pakistan. And defense Day is a day of recognition and remembrance so that we are strong and give the right message to the youth and children of the country. In this regard, a series of military parades and events are held across the country to mark defense Day, but this year the traditional events have been limited due to the Corona epidemic.

The clear purpose of these ceremonies is to remember our heroes and to show our strength militarily. It is true that we are facing severe economic problems, but we are safe from external threats which many people around the world consider to be the best military forces in Asia. As we salute our war heroes of the past, we respect their sacrifices. But our army is not only engaged in battle during the war but also cooperates with the nation in times of peace. The forces also often carry out humanitarian activities in disaster-affected areas and provide national relief services in the event of floods, earthquakes, etc. Many Armed Forces institutions, such as their schools, colleges, hospitals, etc., which operate under the control of the military, also provide valuable services to civilians.

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No time to pay tribute to our national heroes. Any school or community event can be held at any time to honor all the men and women who have served in the defense of our country. Awareness of their importance and efforts can also be raised on social media. Our conversations with family and friends may include the importance of the military and its constitutional role.

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