Delay defeats equity

Saudi Arabia once again wins the heart of the million many. We hear that the ship loads of aid have arrived from our brotherly country. This surely came at a critical juncture when Pakistan seems to be employing all possible means to grapple with this unmitigated chaos and suffering.

The distribution of alms, charity and now aid to be given away into 25 districts will be a welcome gesture by the very districts that it all comes to but, one key principle still remains exceedingly vital, which has to be the phenomenon of transparency for all practical purposes. The mode adopted by the civil administrations respectively will be a matter of concern to all and sundry.

By now the government through its vast networking skills must have come up with a zero complaint system to the utter satisfaction of the needy.

The ehsaas stimulus ushers a new era of systemized way of helping the underprivileged the marginalized segments of the society through a centralized computer programming system. Now they have a data of those who applied for monthly financial assistance, the cases of those who are verifiable with quantifiable evidence can be replicated by allowing your selves to access the tally of same thus, collected over time with a concerted effort. The data collected in the districts and money reimbursed to these very deserving communities, be replicated now for the reasons of supplying any foreign aid that comes to the net… anything that comes to the net is fish they say.

[bs-quote quote=”Let’s not be choosy. We remain indebted to all Muslim or non-Muslim countries for their timely help.” style=”style-17″ align=”center” color=”#dd0000″ author_name=”Mian Haroon Masood ” author_job=”Political Leader, Pakistan “][/bs-quote]

Before the Ramadan we must ramp up efforts to cater to the wandering souls which might need extra help in this unmitigating circumstance.

The poor working class forms the bulk of our major populace, who incessantly keep bearing the brunt of the exploitative tools used by certain erring wings of the police. The son of my erstwhile manager was challaned today while riding a rickshaw, he drives it himself, the only source for him to feed eight members of the family at the moment. He was penalized to pay 500 at the spot, which he probably managed to grab from a fruit vendor whom he knew incidentally. He works as a part time manager at a wagon stand also which is closed since the first of April 2020. Where the hell in the world is he supposed to go?

We need to understand the dynamics of a poor man’s problems, amidst a partial relaxed lockdown, give them at least a chance to grab a paltry 500 or 600 rs, in a push to feed the enfeebled members of a family which is presumably down and out.

My request to my worthy DC is to allow poor people, after observing SOPS to get around their daily chores and works to grab a meal at the least.

The mosques will be another good medium for disseminating the relevant information for all the congregating Muslims who collect for performance of their religious obligations. The pulpit is necessarily a vital organ of the state; such measures could be dinned into their ears loud and clear. The masjid should now act as a place for preaching more the need and the urge to inspire among the gatherers the dire need to keep oneself clean, to observe constraint and exercise restraint when need be.

[bs-quote quote=”The imams must act as sheriffs and then guide them accordingly instead of creating a stir and making them confused over petty trivials.” style=”style-17″ align=”center” color=”#dd0000″ author_name=”Mian Haroon Masood ” author_job=”Political Leader, Pakistan “][/bs-quote]

The local champions of the union councils be prepared and educated on the same lines that they could eventually pass knowledge to a common dweller of his constituency. Frankly speaking in a changing world we need to give up on our hackneyed ways of living. The written instructions or the guidelines of WHO be, plastered in offices of the union councils. It could be plastered in a mosque bearing in mind the sacredness of the holy place of course. Should be plastered on schools, offices, in malls, work places because this is only the beginning, we will have to adapt ourselves to the changing realities of life.

This way we shall be reclaiming our planet back, not bringing more ecological harm. Make people use more bicycles.

In the event of lockdown, out of their homes on the streets, many are seen going around on their bicycles. Gradually this could be made an essential means of transport. The school going children should be encouraged as the ones frequently using their bikes. The community could be told to bicycle around, the benefits should be quantified and told to the public how less will be the pollution, to what degree would the pollution lessen. The air quality in Lahore stands at 37 which fell dramatically from 497.

[bs-quote quote=”Let’s make the world a better place. The corona our unseen enemy may not be there forever, but it has certainly provided the nation’s an opportunity to save the world from further degradation and ecological disturbances. If we could exercise restraint now, we could do it on regular basis.” style=”style-17″ align=”center” color=”#dd0000″ author_name=”Mian Haroon Masood” author_job=”Political Leader, Pakistan “][/bs-quote]

World over every succeeding year the whole activity of transportation of varying degrees must be halted for at least two weeks, the earth could recuperate then what it would have lost previously. Let’s get back the mighty rivers the oceans the majestic peaks, the exuberant plains to their past glory. The climate change is possibly another challenge we are fighting. All this could collectively lead us in to thinking pragmatically and evolving strategies to lead better and healthy lives. The use of fossil fuels should be curtailed to a minimum. The transport may be replaced with electric but the work must start now in the given circumstances. Human carbon foot print has almost dropped to zero generally speaking.

Looking how it has impacted our environment positively, our government should create and pass laws on how to be a socially responsible citizen of a country at large, and a society in specific.

Education on how to lower ones carbon foot print and be cautious of ones doing that might have a negative effort on a society / environment etc. It’s about time we evolved strategies to control the growing degradation, the control on vehicular traffic fueled by gasoline and increased use of disinfectants. A greater use of disinfectants, exercising absolute restraint, and becoming the eco-guards by planting more trees. Having more energy through hydro power, wind, solar is the requirement of present times. The country and its country fellows are poised for any healthy change, it now depends upon our leadership what direction they may wish to adopt.

[bs-quote quote=”The time is ripe. So go get it, time is of the essence. Delay defeats equity.” style=”style-17″ align=”center” color=”#dd0000″ author_name=”Mian Haroon Masood” author_job=”Political Leader, Pakistan “][/bs-quote]


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