Demographic Changes in Kashmir

Since the independence 1947 Pakistan and India have been involved in a number of wars, conflicts and military standoffs. However, the Kashmir dispute is also one of major cause behind the tense relations between Pakistan and India. Importantly, Kashmir valley contains majority of Muslims. In 1886, Dogra ruler Gulab Singh bought the state of Jammu and Kashmir for 75 million from the British under the treaty of Amritsar that was signed on March 16, 1846. Jammu Kashmir was the first region to witness the most horrific episodes of violation during 1947, Muslims were slaughtered and others were sent to west Punjab. Historians claim that killings were carried to change the demography in Kashmir valleys the maharaja preferred to remain independent of the new dominions of India and Pakistan. At that time Muslims contributes more than 60% of the population of the occupied valley. According to UN security council resolution it states that “the fate of Kashmir can decide people of Kashmir either it accedes Pakistan or India”. Interestingly, Kashmir wants to become part of Pakistan but India maintained oppressed and annexation over valley. The Indian government always ruled tyranny and hegemony over Kashmiris, whenever the people of valley raised the voice for self-determination and sovereign state the Indian government tortured Kashmiris bitterly such as usage of bullet guns over protesters, imposed emergency lockdown for long tenure, isolated valley from other regions, raids of Indian troops during late night. It is disheartening to note that Indian troops forcefully did marriage with Muslim women and nonadult infants. The Indian government have violated human rights in valley and continued their extremist and fascist reign over valley. It is pertinent to mention here that for demographic changes the government further deployed further additional troops into valley. Last year, the Indian government abrogated Article 370 and 35-A it states that “outsiders of Indians can own property in Kashmir and can attain permanent residency in valley. Furthermore, due to abrogation of Articles the government stripped the status of semi-autonomous of Kashmir. Additionally, under these scenarios it has taken job opportunities and resources from Kashmiris and quashing their legal rights and privileges after years of peoples struggle, for justice, rights and recognition in the region is certain to make things worse. The new law denies the historical significance of peoples rights, recognition and justice and up alienating the Kashmiris. Moreover, under the new domicile law authorities have begun issuing domicile certificates to Indians and nonresidents, entitling them to residency rights and Government jobs. It has been observed that new law has become a source of anxiety for resident Kashmiris who fear that it is geared to bring about a demographic changes through a settlement of Hindu zealots. It is estimated that approximately 290,000 Indians from elsewhere have been granted domicile certificates with the help of an online portal, at least 450,000 Kashmiris have lost their jobs. The extent fascism and racism of Indian government can be gauged from the fact that it has introduced a fine of 50,000 to be deduced from the salary of any official in the territory who delays the process.

Lastly, it can be recapitulated that Kashmir is a territory dispute it can be resolved only through peace negotiations. Pakistan always tries to keep fraternal ties with India such as inauguration of Kartarpur Corridor and PM Imran states that if India takes one step toward peace Pakistan will take two. There is dire need of cooperation of international communities (China, Russia, USA, and UK) and international Organisations. Meanwhile both countries are already nuclear power if India did not resolve dispute it will lead to Brink of nuclear catastrophe which will disastrous for entire world.


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