Denmark, Norway suspend use of Astra-Zeneca COVID vaccine

Lahore, 11th March: Denmark has suspended the Astra-Zeneca COVID-19 vaccine.

Baaghi TV: According to reports on Thursday, Denmark temporarily suspended Astra-Zeneca vaccine shots after cases of blood clots forming were reported including one in Denmark.

As per reports, the Danish authorities did not say how many reports of blood clots there had been, but Austria has stopped using a batch of Astra-Zeneca vaccine while investigating death from coagulation disorders and an illness from a pulmonary embolism.

They also informed that six other European countries had stopped the use of a vaccine batch from Astra-Zeneca.

The director of the Danish Health Authority, Soren Brostrom, said in a statement, “Both we and the Danish Medicines Agency have to respond to reports of possible serious side-effects, both from Denmark and other European countries.”

The health agency informed that the vaccine would be suspended for 14 days. It did not give details of the Danish blood clot patient.

However, Astra-Zeneca has said its shots go through strict and accurate quality controls and that there have been no confirmed serious adverse events associated with the vaccine. It also said it was in contact with Austrian authorities and would fully support their investigation.

The Danish Medicines Agency said it has initiated an investigation into the vaccine along with corresponding agencies in other EU-countries as well as EMA.

Soren Brostrom said, “It is important to emphasise that we have not opted out of using the Astra-Zeneca vaccine, but that we are putting it on hold.”

The agency said as a result of the vaccine suspension, it has pushed back the final date to vaccine all the citizens by four weeks to Aug. 15.

It is to be noted that health authorities in Norway have also decided to temporarily suspend the use of Astra-Zeneca’s COVID-19 vaccine on Thursday as a precaution after Denmark’s decision to do so over fears of a link to blood clots.

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