Denying Bail to Safoora Zargar is pure vilification of muslims: Nasir Khuehami

Srinagar, 7th June: Student Leader and J&K Students Association Spokesperson Nasir Khuehami here on today demands immediate and unconditional release of four months pregnant and JMI Student Leader Safoora Zargar as her life is at grave risk in the context of COVID-19 adding that Govt is routinely misusing draconian, anti-terrorism laws such as the UAPA which undermine human rights, stifle dissent and press freedom in India.

In a Statement, Khuehami said that denying bail to Jamia Student Leader Safoora Zaragar is pure islamophobia and vilification of muslims. He said that People Like Komal Sharma, Kapil Mishra who incited violence and provoked people are still free and roaming around, But JMI scholar and Student Leader who is pregnant ends up in Tihar.

He said that, this witch-hunting of students and activists needs to stop. Safoora Zargar is a bravest daughter who stood up against injustice, cruelty, inequality, hate mongering, Islamophobia, She is in Tihar jail, She is pregnant! What is her crime?

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He said that, in this country, holding a pen and speaking the truth makes you an anti-national and lands you in Tihar jail while holding a gun and firing at muslims makes you a nationalist and you end up getting praises from the Ministers, he added.

Khuehami said that those who cry for a pregnant elephant, but have no empathy for a pregnant woman. Both Safoora and her unborn child are innocent. Be human, Don’t show your brutality to a child who hasn’t came in this world yet.

Despite a 100% lack of evidence linking her to Delhi Riots, she has been denied bail, citing prima facie evidence showing she at least conspired to blockade roads. She deserves some leniency on humanitarian grounds, each passing day in jail is a blot on our justice system, he added further.

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