Despite proper visa, Indian authorities disallow Kashmiri travellers to visit Pakistan

Indian authorities at Wagah Border in Amritsar, Punjab on Wednesday disallowed 212 Kashmiri travellers to visit Pakistan through the border despite having a proper visa.

While speaking from Wagah Border, one of the students said that only Kashmiri origin travellers were not allowed to visit Pakistan while 137 Pakistani travellers who had visited India were allowed to return back easily without any hindrance.

He added that the Indian authorities are making excuses that they haven’t received any permission from Indian authorities.

We have access to a list of travellers who have proper permission from Pak authorities. The document mentions the heading as, “Request of 349 Indian Nationals to Enter Pakistan on March 17” and the names of all visa holders are also listed in the document.

Sajad, one of the students, while speaking from Wagah Border said, “Most of us have even booked the Air tickets on the other side of border, and unfortunately we aren’t allowed yet.”

He added the Kashmiri travellers mostly comprise of students without their parents, old-aged persons who have relatives on other side and even few handicapped persons.

“We are in utter shock. Are only we the enemies of both the nations?” an old lady questioned who has to visit Pakistan to meet her lone daughter studying there.

Sources privy said that the Kashmiri travellers stranded on the Wagah border even staged a strong protest to allow them to visit Pakistan as their career and hard-earned money is at stake as they have already travelled longer distances to reach the Wagah border.

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