Details of Proposed Draft for Afghan Peace

An Afghan Tv has seen a proposed draft plan for Afghan peace that was recently shared with political leaders and outlines a roadmap toward an end to fighting and a structure for a future government.

The guiding principles for Afghanistan’s future, the structure of a transitional government, and a political roadmap for a lasting ceasefire are the three significant elements of the draft.

The draft states that when the term of a proposed transitional government ends, the future leader of Afghanistan will be elected through a popular vote.

The second part of the draft states that Islam is the official religion of the country, all Afghan citizens will be provided security, and Afghanistan is the common home for all ethnic and religious groups.

In addition, the draft proposes a new constitution and says it will protect the rights of women and children.

The transitional peace government, according to the draft, will have three separate branches:

The executive administration, which will be headed by the head of state, with cabinet ministers as well as independent directorates from other areas.

The national parliament, which includes the parliament and the senate. Based on this draft, the Taliban representatives will be included in the national assembly, but the exact number of members is not clear.

The judiciary, which also includes the independent high council for Islamic jurisprudence and the commission for drafting a new constitution.

According to the draft, the high council of Islamic jurisprudence will have fifteen members, seven of whom will be Taliban members, the other seats will be filled by the government of the Islamic Republic, with one member appointed by the head of the government. The council is tasked with providing Islamic guidance in the social, cultural, and other contemporary sectors of the country.

The draft is similar to a previous draft seen by Afghan Tv last year, but the current draft does not propose a prime minister, except as an option.

This comes as a US State Department official on condition of anonymity told Afghan Tv last week that the United States has shared suggestions for future political systems in Afghanistan, including the establishment of a transitional period to hold a UN-hosted international conference on Afghanistan.

To highlight the key role of the United Nations, a special UN envoy for peace in Afghanistan is needed, according to the official.

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