DG CAA’s appointment challenged in IHC

ISLAMABAD: Appointment of Secretary Aviation, Hassan Nasir Jamy, as Director General (DG) Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has been challenged in the Islamabad High Court (IHC).

According to the details, Imran Aslam Khan, who was himself a candidate for the post of DG, has filed a petition against the hasty appointment by the cabinet, which will be discussed in the IHC tomorrow.

The petition also challenged the CAA’s deliberate delay in issuing licenses to trainee pilots for several months, which is a disqualification of the CAA.

According to the application filed in IHC, more than 700 candidates applied for DG CAA post out of which 18 were interviewed. All the candidates were highly qualified with an average experience of above 30 years in Aviation Industry.

“Here it is worth mentioning that from Minister aviation till four positions down below no one has any experience of handling regulatory affairs and are not capable of handling the technical issues with other regulators like EASA, EU (Annex B shows the flight safety concerns and revocation of our authorization to operate in 28 EU countries), FAA, USA (Annex C revised Flight Safety rating which is below the required minima to operate flights in USA) or ICAO,” said the application.

‘CAA has stopped issuance of any kind of licenses or even taking any kind of exams for many months. This is causing a halt to educational activities and have brought the flying schools at the verge of a close down,’ said the intervenor.

The court has been requested that the federal government be ordered to complete the process of appointment of DG CAA for which the interviews were completed on October 14, 2020 as they do not hold any grounds of rejecting the highly qualified candidates.

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