Digitalized World after Pandemic: Mubasher Lucman

Lahore, 18th April: Mubasher Lucman, in his recent video stresses the need to take safety measures against the pandemic, that has taken the world in its grip.

The renowned anchor, on his YouTube channel, urges the citizens to maintain social distancing as this is our moral responsibility. The government is taking a compassionate account and letting limited opening of businesses to support the lower and middle-income class. But the caution cannot be thrown away as the only means of defeating the virus is breaking the chain and staying safe.

The blame game is on the big bulls of the world who have locked their horns. America is blaming China for the spread of the virus and charging them for not informing the world about this deadly disease.

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Whereas China is disclaiming all charges and quoting that WHO had refrained from making any such claims that the virus was developed by China and conspiracy theories are a daily routine. Much said and done, the fact remains that America, Israel, and China are hiding some facts which can not be pinpointed but the whole story has some secrets which are dangerous to the whole world.

It is noticed that the whole world is in a lock down and the economic pressure is felt by every economy. The stock markets are tumbling and business is filing bankruptcy, lay off are on the record high since the last figures of World War II.

Air lines, tourism sector, and theme parks like Disney World are nowhere to be seen. Educational institutes are closed, production lines of cars, textiles, and other heavy machinery are shut.

Now the name of the game in the coming times is innovation, humans are known to come out of such problems through different thinking and the consistent quest for improvement.

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According to Lucman, we will have to think out of the box and find new business opportunities. Some businesses that are doing well in this desperate time are online giants like Amazon and Alibaba. Where other businesses are laying off their employees. Whereas, Amazon is advertising to higher new sales staff.

Online trading and learning is the latest FAD. Schools and universities are imparting education by online classrooms, papers are being conducted on this technique too. The majority of fashion brands are going online so the world is changing and getting digitalized.

Mubasher Lucman ends his video on a positive approach, that new avenues are on the horizon and we have to utilize the opportunities with open eyes.

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