Dine-in with ‘Teddy bears’ in Paris

Paris, 6th July: Café’s all over the world are trying to come up with ideas to safely reopen amid the coronavirus pandemic.

From a Dutch restaurant housing its customers inside personal greenhouses, to the German café using pool noodle hats, every restaurant and café can be seen finding creative ways to adapt to the current social distancing scenario without compromising on their businesses.

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Recently, a Parisian Café came up with a cute idea to implement safe social distancing: Giant teddy bears.

They have intelligently placed huge plush teddy bears on seats such that the customers are approximately 1 meter apart, which marks up to a distance of 3.2 feet, the safe recommended distance between people in France.

Each teddy bear is big enough to take up an entire seat and the picture that was shared online sparked a couple of funny comments on Reddit.

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One user commented, ‘You want anything to eat? No thanks, I’m stuffed.’ Another said, ‘Makes the whole thing a little more bearable…’

It is difficult for businesses to open and gain back their customers, but it is slowly going to happen, hence, it is nice to see people come up with ways to minimize risks of infection with such creative ideas.

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