Disney Advocates “Strong Women” through its Live-Action Adaptations

Disney studio breaking stereotypes with its latest adaptations

The last decade has seen Disney reinventing their classics into Real-live adaptations from Cinderella to Beauty & the Beast, to The Jungle Book, Aladdin and The Lion King. Disney has in the last 6 years taken many of its most loved movies and given them a modern twist; take for example their latest release of Dumbo. While the animated version was the best thing 90’s kids grew up with, the new release is anything but a disappointment. From its graphics to its storyline, Disney has indeed done justice to it.

Similarly, take the recent fairy tale adaptations done by Disney, starting with the remake of Cinderella (2015) and its star studded cast, starring Lily James as the titular character, Cate Blanchett (as the Step Mother), Richard Madden (as the dashing stranger/Prince) and Helena Bonham Carter as the magical Fairy-godmother.

While the film was an enchanting retelling of the age old tale, it did little as an empowering movement for its oppressed central character of Cinderella. Despite the hype around it, the movie did not come off as a modern remake.

In comparison, Disney’s Beauty & the Beast (2017) was a better adaptation compared to its earlier animation. Emma Watson’s performance left little room for doubt. Her portrayal of Beauty was the epitome of her characters essence. Watson has played strong female characters before [as Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter series] so; she was able to play the part of Beauty to a tee. Beauty’s strong-minded independence and the courage to stand up for herself beautifully shone through in this new adaptation.

However, it is Disney’s latest live-action remake that has audiences amazed. The recently released Aladdin has an additional original soundtrack that could serve as the next women empowerment anthem.

“Speechless” has a strong message for girls and women around the world. Naomi Scott who plays the role of Princess Jasmine of Agrabah in the live-action remake has made the song full of power and emotion. She has given a voice to Jasmine, an authority, a strength that was missing in the original animation.

If you don’t believe us, head on over to watch the original soundtrack and you will not regret it. Many fans across the globe have called it by far the best of Disney’s recent remakes.

The film is set to release by the 5th of June, 2019 in Pakistan, according to the schedule displayed on Cinepax cinema’s website.


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