Distortion Of Social Values: Woman Caught Abusing Guards

Lahore, 20th December: Use of abusive language is fast becoming a common norm in our society.

Baaghi TV: With the latest trend of using foul language, women of our society can be seen harassing people in public. The latest example of it came forward after a video went viral.

Baaghi TV got hold of a video of a woman, who identified herself as Kinza from Kharian, Pakistan, who can be seen badly abusing security guards outside a cafe in Defence Phase 5, Lahore.

Watch the video here:

It is quite evident from the video, that the girl from Kharian Cantt, has totally lost her senses as she is seen using the most inappropriate words on the guards, pushing them severely.

According to reports from Baaghi TV, the girl was caught drinking alcohol in the Lahore’s most elite cafe with her boyfriend. After being reprimanded by the police constable she started abusing him.

The uniformed police officer was abused and pushed by the girl and her boyfriend. Later, the woman came in the parking area, damaged cars and shouted foul words on the security guard.

If after having a few drinks and swearing in public is the new trend, then our society seriously needs to be apprised of social values!

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