Do we need foreign actors to promote our brands?


Lahore, 11th December: With so much talent in our country, do we need foreign artists to promote our brands?

Baaghi TV: There was a time when Bollywood celebrities were an important part of our Pakistani media market long before the tensions between India and Pakistan arose.

But now we see the collusion of Turkish actors in our showbiz industry, especially when representing some of our notable brands is concerned.

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After the famous Turkish drama, ‘Ertugrul Ghazi’ got televised on our national TV, the cast of the series gained popularity in Pakistan within days. The series got immense liking from the people and the celebrities, including the Prime Minister of Pakistan.

The public has shown excitement on seeing their favourite Turkish stars representing some of our leading brands. But the question arises do we really need foreign stars to represent our brands?

Is there a shortage of our actors or models that we have come up with the idea of bringing in the Turkish stars now?

Recently, the famous clothing brand Khaadi came up with a new collection and signed in Esra Bilgic aka Halime Sultan from the famous Turkish series ‘Ertugrul Ghazi’ as its brand ambassador.

No doubt the recent TVC is very impressive and the Turkish actress looks stunning, but all these years Khaadi has been showcasing local models and some big names like Sadaf Kanwal, why all of a sudden it felt a need of a foreign star.

Similarly, Maria B, another famous brand in formal dresses roped in the other well-liked Turkish actress Didem Balcin, famous for her role as Selcan Hatun in the show, as her model and muse for her namesake label’s winter collection.

Despite looking pretty in the new collection, Didem Balcin doesn’t look relatable to the local buyer. Where did that leave our famous actor-model Maya Ali who has been the showstopper for Maria B previously?

It could be comprehended that the brands wanted to rope in the international star for their appeal outside the country, as well as the recently-found fame of the actresses. Nonetheless, the stars we have are on par with either the Turkish or Bollywood industry.

It is always more relatable to showcase the local brand with the local artists. People can relate to Mahira Khan, Aiman Khan or Maya Ali wearing Khaadi and Maria B rather than those who are not seen wearing Pakistan’s national dresses ever.

Pakistani actors have been quite vocal on their stance on whether homegrown brands should hire Turkish celebrities as brand ambassadors or support local talent.

Anoushay Ashraf, Ayesha Omar and many others support the decision of having Turkish stars here, while celebrities like Yasir Hussain and Shaan Shahid have opposed it since the beginning.

When someone on Twitter pointed out a while back, what was wrong in making the brand internationally famous, Pakistani movie actor Shaan Shahid gave a befitting reply that if we do not support our own industry and its people then how do we expect to develop and flourish?

To encourage the upcoming youth and to strengthen our industry, there is a dire need to promote our local artists, so that they can be acknowledged abroad as well.

Do share your comments below to let us know if not Esra then which Pakistani model/actress should have represented Khaadi’s new collection.

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