Dollar devalues 43 paise in the interbank market

Baaghi TV: The last day of the trading week saw the US currency depreciate.

In the interbank market, the dollar traded 43 paise lower at Rs 165.78, while in the open market it traded 10 paise lower at Rs 166.30.

It is clear that in April 2019, the dollar took a big leap and came to Rs 141.50. May saw a historic rise in its price to Rs 151. In June, the dollar broke all records and reached an all-time high of Rs 164.

In July 2019, the flight of the dollar stopped and after the decline of the dollar, it became Rs 160 in the interbank market and Rs 161 in the open market.

At the end of October 2019, the rupee appreciated further and the dollar fell to Rs 155.70. At the end of November 2019, the buying price of the dollar was 155.25 and the selling price was 155.65.

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