Dollar prices at the highest level in history

In the interbank market, the dollar reached has the highest level in the history of Pakistan, coming to stand at Rs 169. The average price of the dollar over this period has been Rs. 158.09.

According to reports, the price of the US dollar has risen by 90 paisas to Rs 169 at the interbank market today.

So far this financial year, the value of the dollar has risen by 11 rupees 46 paise, and currently, the exchange rate stands at the highest in Pakistan’s history. 

According to statistics, the average price of the dollar over this period has been Rs. 158.09. The price of has also euro appreciated by Rs1.56, standing at Rs 199.74, according to the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP). Furthermore, an increase of Rs2.22 was also seen in the British Pound exchange rate, coming to stand at Rs 234.4, an almost Rs 2 increase as compared to its previous rate of Rs 232.18. The Japanese yen currently stands at Rs1.54.

Thanks to this dramatic increase, the debt burden on the nation has intensified, and inflation is also soaring. Prices of food items including oil, and certain other utility store goods have also gone up by a significant margin.

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