Dr Faisal Examines SOPs Observance at ICT Schools

Dr Faisal says students must get vaccinated by Nov 30

ISLAMABAD, Sep 18 (APP): Special Assistant to Prime Minister on National Health Services, Regulations and Coordination Dr Faisal Sultan on Friday visited various schools of Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) to examine the observance of standard operating procedures (SOPs) related to protection from COVID19.

During his visit to educational institutions, he also examined the arrangements made by the school and college administrations to ensure observance of SOPs issued by the government on coronavirus.

On the occasion, Dr Faisal Sultan said that the government has decided to have strict monitoring of schools and colleges after re-opening of educational institutions in the country. He said that the government has already taken effective measures as per its strategy to control COVID19. He added it is the responsibility of the government to protect school children from coronavirus.

Dr Faisal said that the school administration, teachers and parents will have to adhere to the instructions. He said that in case of any violation of SOPS, such educational institution will be closed. He made it clear that all schools would have to strictly follow the SOPs like social distancing, hands sanitising or washing, wearing of face masks etc. Besides schools’ administration, the role of parents was also crucial to ensure implementation of the SOPs.

He said due to immediate closure of schools, a large number of population, particularly the students, were now safe and remained protected from the COVID19. The government had adopted an effective strategy to combat the pandemic that resulted reduction in corona cases in the country.

Dr Faisal said the present facts and figures showed a declining trend of the coronavirus at all levels due to the prompt response of the government. Expressing satisfaction over the current COVID19 situation, he said it all was made possible due to team effort and efficient work.

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