Dr Maha’s case investigation completed, 2 accused arrested


KARACHI: The investigation into the alleged suicide case of Dr Maha Ali Shah in Defense has been completed, which was started for the last four days, two accused have been arrested on charges of providing pistols to Maha Ali.


According to the reports, two suspects were arrested for allegedly providing a pistol to Dr Maha Ali, who committed suicide in the Defense area.

SSP South Shiraz Nazir told media that the 9mm pistol belonged to a citizen Saad Siddiqui who was given to Maha by Tabish Qureshi on request. Both have been arrested to find out the reason behind Dr Maha’s suicide, the relevant characters are also being investigated.

According to police, Dr. Maha was upset when she returned from private hospital duty, Maha was in the room with her sister, her father was also there. Dr. Maha went to the bathroom with an excuse and shot herself there.

According to SSP Shiraz Nazir, Dr. Maha committed suicide in the bathroom, the bullet was stuck in the wall, evidence of which has also been obtained. Hearing the sound of the bullet, the father ran away along with his other daughter and opened the bathroom door. The father called the the police and called a close relative Dr. Zahra.

Police say Dr Maha Ali was rushed to hospital after the incident as she was still alive, where she died during treatment.

According to the police, Dr. Maha Ali Shah was suffering from severe anxiety and used to talk about suicide. However, an investigation is underway to find out why he committed suicide.

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