Dreamers School System a Ray of Hope

Lahore: Dreamers School System has emerged as a ray of hope in the midst of the chaos of corona virus. According to reports the corona virus continues wreak havoc, and while the education of children all over the world including Pakistan has been severely affected and is being affected, governments are trying to address the situation. Some claim to be delivering online classes and some full-fledged classes.

According to Baaghi TV where various big educational institutions are claiming to be providing online education, some small-scale private educational institutions have also not remained behind in this field. According to Baaghi TV, one such modern institution that provides online education has emerged, by the name of Dreamers School System. The institution has announced online classes, as well as online tests and reports. The institution uses the best curriculum that it will teach its students through the online system of learning.

While admission test for joining this school will be taken online, the requests of parents and the discussion of their child’s abilities will also be discussed on the same platform. The school has chosen the curriculum of Tarbiyat International, and along with scientific education, it will also provide online Hifz (memorisation) of the Quran and martial arts training.

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