Dubai hosts First Youth Vlog Awards

Zenofer Fathima of Zen Film Productions, releases latest musical number.

Dubai, UAE (25 November, 2019): First Youth Vlog Awards organized by the versatile, Ms. Zenofer Fathima of Zen Production, held at Marriot Hotel, Jaddaf.

According to reports of Baaghi TV, the award show which was organized by the very well known Ms. Zenofer Fathima (Owner of Zen Film Production) had Bollywood actor, Sohail Khan, as their Chief Guest. Khan who is brother to renowned Bollywood star, Salman Khan, presented awards to famous tiktokers based on their performances.

UAE’s most popular tiktokers participated and were nominated for awards in different categories, such as: fun, entertainment and love. Ms. Zenofer Fathima commented that she wanted to provide a platform to the youth to perform and showcase their talent, in the hopes of encouraging them. She added that she is ready to provide these types of platform for youth.

Moreover, Bollywood actor, Sohail Khan, was part of the Q/Answer session by media personnel alongside Ms. Zenofer Fathima. Khan expressed that he is very happy to see his friend, Zenofer Fathima, as he continued to praise the event organization as a much needed step by Ms. Zenofer Fathima.

He stated that she has taken a brilliant step to provide a very good platform to the youth, where they can show their talent, and skills. Moreover, he added that from here the youth can showcase their talent to enter Bollywood. Additionally, Sohail Khan, made his first tiktok video with Ms. Zenofer Fathima of Zen Film Productions.

According to reports of Baaghi TV, Ms. Zenofer Fathima, also released the promo for her latest musical number titled, “Dil Ke Armaan”, which has reportedly been shot in Dubai. She has featured some famous tiktokers in the video, the link for which is available on YouTube, as confirmed by Baaghi TV’s correspondent in Dubai.

The tiktokers are very happy to be a part of this song and they said they are very thankful to Miss Zenofer Fathima who has provided such an opportunity to us.

Ashar Ishfaq Correspondent, Baaghi TV

The event concluded with Ms. Zenofer Fathima thanking Sohail Khan, for attending. She further thanked media personnel for covering the highlights of the first ever Youth Vlog Awards held in Dubai.

Stay tuned to Baaghi TV for more updates.

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