Dubai’s father-daughter duo to release cover of ‘Healing the World’

Dubai (March 21, 2021): Dubai is known for its own skyline of towering talent across many sectors be it business, sports, or the arts, and we ever so often hear of musical child prodigies.

Today a unique duo debuts a cover of the iconic song ‘Heal the World’ by Michael Jackson. Dubbed as the ‘Daddy& Daughter’ duo… it comprises of a Parent-prodigy.

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One half of the duo is Dubai raised and based 20-year-old Naunidh Chugh who has been belting out tunes from Adele to Alicia Keys since she was 9. To add to that list, she has performed at several events across the local circuit including several fundraisers as well as the annual Dubai Women’s Run.

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Daddy in this instance is events and marketing maestro Harmeek Singh. Besides being the Founder of the Plan b Group, Singh also champions an initiative called Box of Hope. Box of Hope is an Initiative with a purpose to help those struggling. The initiative is supported by volunteers and experts who support those in need with knowledge and resources. This is Harmeek’s singing debut.

“Music and Singing has been my passion for as long as I can remember, but the last year, the sadness all around took away my enthusiasm. If it wasn’t for the support of my friends and family, would have probably given up on music,” said Naunidh Chugh.

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“I am so excited about Heal the World as it brings together two people who have inspired me the most – one who’s song we are singing and the other is the one I am singing it with.” She added.

“Music is a universal language of truth and love, something I feel the world needs a lot of right now. Heal the World to me as a person is a call to those with the ability to help heal all that we lost in the year gone by – and as a father it is my calling towards healing my daughter’s passion,” said Harmeek Singh.

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‘Heal the World’ debut’s today and can be watched on:

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