Dubai’s Princess Haya Seeking Asylum

Princess Haya and her two kids have reportedly sought asylum in Germany

Dubai (29th June, 2019): Princess Haya, wife of Dubai’s ruler Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum is reportedly seeking asylum Germany.

According to Baaghi TV’s reports, Princess Haya who is sister of of the King of Jordan, is seeking asylum in Germany. Reports have so far confirmed that Princess Haya has taken £31 million to start her new life, as well as her son Zayed [currently 7] and daughter Al Jalila [11 years old]. Prior to this there have been two reported instances when the Royal women have attempted to flee from Dubai.

Last year Princess Latifa who is daughter to the Sheikh had attempted to flee via Oman to India yet had been captured off the Indian coast. According to The Guardian, Princess Shamsa anther of the Sheikh’s daughters had attempted to escape a life of oppression at the hands of her father.

The Mirror, has reported that Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum has accused his wife of betrayal amid rumors of fleeing to seek asylum.

Princess Haya Al Hussein has reportedly been helped by a German diplomat which may possibly cause a diplomatic crisis between the two states. The Mirror has further claimed that the Sheikh has expressed his fury in an Instagram post.

Princess Haya Al Hussein is half-sister to the ruling King of Jordan. As confirmed by Baaghi’s sources, the Sheikh had been married to the Princess, since 2004. However, the news of her ‘escape’ has enhanced the chaos from last year when the Sheikh’s 33 year old daughter, Princess Latifa, had also attempted her escape on the grounds that she had been exposed to “abuse” from her father. She had claimed that it was her experiences that had compelled her to do so.

Moreover, as explained by Radha Sterling who is the chief executive of watchdog detained in Dubai, is that a person who applies for asylum is usually someone whose life is “in danger, ad because they have suffered severe abuses and violations” with regards to basic human rights.

As confirmed by The Mirror, Germany has refused to confirm her whereabouts as well as rejecting the request to return Princess Haya to Dubai. However, the standard fact that the Sheikh’s wife has attempted an escape a year after Princess Latifa did, has raised questions.


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