Dunk: Fahad Mustafa’s rebuttal against sexual harassment

Fahad Mustafa responds to Harsha Bhogle for calling out Waqar Younis on "namaz" comment

Lahore, 27th December: The recently aired drama serial ‘Dunk’ on ARY Digital revolves around the controversial topic of false accusations of sexual harassment.

Baaghi TV: Fahad Mustafa’s latest production, ‘Dunk’ starring Bilal Abbas Khan, Sana Javed, Noman Ijaz and Yasra Rizvi started off from the intense trailers to the intense first episode.

Starring the renowned actor Noman Ijaz as the protagonist, the drama shows him as a professor who has been accused of sexual harassment and the toll it takes on his life, both personal and professional.

The ‘Jeeto Pakistan’ host paid a tribute to victims who have been wrongly accused, through his recent drama. He said that as a producer, it is my responsibility to tell every kind of story.

“I think brands should take a stand and set an example by working with the people who have been falsely accused of sexual harassment, to support them and clear their name,” he went on to say.

Talking about why he decided to produce this drama, Fahad said: “95% cases of sexual harassment are genuine but in some cases, people are falsely accused, so we have to tell every kind of story.”

“We, Big Bang Productions have always tried to show different kinds of stories,” said Fahad. “We also made a drama ‘Meri Guriya’ which told the story of the rape victim Zainab.”

No doubt, the drama serial ‘Dunk’ is well-scripted and well-directed. However, the topic of false accusations of sexual harassment is a tricky one. If not carefully handled, it may damage the efforts made by the #MeToo movement.

People on social media have mixed reviews for Fahad Mustafa and his new venture. Many have supported the actor-producer on his new project:


While others have shown disgust and anger:

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