‘Education lacking a “sense of justice” is nothing’, Mubasher Lucman

Lahore: Senior investigative journalist Mubasher Lucman attended a grand event organized at Government College University (GCU) Lahore in collaboration with Book Club and Nazir Ahmed Music society in which the GCU Vic-Chancellor, Asghar Zaidi, appeared as the host.

The event was organized at Pakistan’s largest and most prestigious post-graduate institute, GCU, in which a session of “Meet the Author” was conducted by the Book Club, the special guest of which was senior journalist Mubasher Lucman. During the event, the senior journalist answered questions posed by the eager participants. 

According to Baaghi TV reports, while addressing the event organized by the GCU book club, Lucman remarked that the Bukhari auditorium sound system was not functioning back in 1978. He remarked in jest that it is still not in working order and should get fixed. Mubasher Lucman further said, “You guys are lucky. There was no book club in our time.” 

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According to Lucman, he was horrified by the fights that used to take place in the college cafeteria but now those fights occur on television. He remarked that from within we are Indian but if there is a cricket match, we are Pakistani. “We want to die in Makkah and be buried in Madinah. Money is destined but not education, it has to be obtained”. Lucman added that an education lacking a “sense of justice” is nothing and that whoever breaks the law should be punished. He stressed that in the absence of law, only the corrupt will remain in Pakistan.

Talking about his book Khara Sach, Lucman commented, “when I was working on the book, it was difficult to write in Urdu. I chose to write in simple language so that even a mere vendor would understand, I did not include complex words. In a month, this book became historical by breaking all records”. 

Mubasher Lucman further said, plant a tree and name it so that people can breathe in the world even after you. Money is not enough, whoever has it, he also has to die.

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In a question and answer session at the end of the event, Mubasher Lucman, while answering a question, said that books are being sold on footpaths of Anarkali and shoes were being sold in the showrooms. What should happen to such a nation? The media is free when it speaks against its commercial interests, it is not freedom of the media to speak against anyone.

In response to another question, Mubasher Lucman said that for the first time in Pakistan, the Hindu community got an identity card because of Khara Sach. The transgender community got rights from the Supreme Court because of Khara Sach. Khara Sach started catching fake degrees, the pilots were political people. Khara exposes the truth and brings out the facts.

Senior Journalist Mubasher Lucman added, If we don’t talk today, this country may fall apart. We’ve been arrogant, we just like compliments. We only like the truth for others, not ourselves. Unless we accept the truth, we will not learn anything, our ancestors were better. If we accept our faults then the system will work. Responsible reporting is required. Lucman encouraged the students to create a channel for GCU, he said, “Raise your voice I will donate to the channel”.

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In response to another question, Mubasher Lucman said that we do not describe evils, we highlight the frustrations. We owe it to ourselves, we are not the police chief or the judge, to implement the decisions. We can comment but, we are one for the enemy. 

Vice-Chancellor Asghar Zaidi said that the arrival and success of Mubasher Lucman is an example for us. We want to hone the skills of our students, we want to train them well, you are an example for us. The book club was formed last year, along with many other societies. We are making a book bazaar for which the Commissioner’s office is helping us. Concluding the event, Dr. Ehtesham, thanked senior investigative journalist Mubasher Lucman for honoring their event.

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