Ehsaas Governance and Integrity Policy aims to build transparent system

ISLAMABAD, Jul 20 (APP):The ‘Ehsaas Governance and Integrity Policy’ launched by the Poverty Alleviation and Social Safety Division is aimed at building a system to limit opportunities for corruption and promote efficiency, transparency and accountability in the implementation of the programme.
Talking to APP, Special Assistant to Prime Minister on Poverty Alleviation and Social Safety Division Dr Sania Nishtar Saturday said, “These measures are meant to make organizations involved in delivery of welfare, effective and responsive to the needs of those who they are
meant to serve, and to ensure rule-based control on the use of public resources.

Adding that, she said, every organization must develop a monitoring and evaluation mechanism, with related metrics and the independent means of their verification, implementation research and process learnings for policy must be institutionalized, whereas third party impact evaluations must be planned in an experimental.

She said PASSD will continue to refine this policy note based on lessons learnt to make it more robust, to support the implementation of this policy, PASSD has appointed a governance focal person who would facilitate implementation of this Policy.
PASSD would also strive to aim for economies of scale, through centralization of certain specialty functions, in addition to efficiency and cost saving, this would enable development of centres of excellence within organizations of the Division for procurement, IT platforms, complaints management, strategic communications, she added.

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