Electricity prices are likely to rise again

A public hearing on NEPRA’s monthly fuel adjustment will be held on September 2 in lieu of electricity prices which are likely to rise again.

According to the details, the public hearing on NEPRA’s monthly fuel adjustment will be held on September 2. This hearing is in accordance with the rules of NEPRA on a monthly basis. However, the adjustment in this regard does not affect the profit of Electric.

At the hearing, the fuel adjustment in July will have an average effect of 50 paise per unit on consumers, while the quarterly adjustment for the months of April to June will have no effect on consumer billing under the uniform consumer tariff policy.

The impact of falling global fuel prices is being passed on directly to people around the world.

It may be recalled that earlier this month, NEPRA had reduced the June fuel charges adjustment by 19 paise per unit, stating that the reduction in electricity prices would be applicable only to August bills. NEPRA said that the application would be applicable to Discus customers except for 300 unit usage, lifeline, agricultural customers but would not be applicable to industrial customers availing the industrial support package.

According to the notification, industrial consumers will definitely get the benefit of negative FCA up to 20 tariffs but fuel price adjustment will not be applicable to electric consumers either.

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