Emphasis on looks in women

Have you ever been judged on the basis of your looks? Living in this culture and society, the answer is most definitely yes!

There is just too much emphasis on looks of females in our society and there are so many subtle ways in which the society puts this in minds of girls ever since their birth.

Sarah Ahmad Uqaili Contributor, Baaghi TV

There is so much difference in the comments that the parents receive in instances of having a boy or having a girl. When it is a girl, the comments almost completely revolve around her looks. What is her complexion? How are her features? How is the growth and thickness of her hair? What is the shape of her nails (yes since birth literally!)?

The Most Important Skill for Women

Then when as the girl grows up, you would notice that almost all compliments that she gets are regarding her looks as well. The little girl notices for what aspects she is being praised. How is her height growth? How is her physique? What sort of clothes does she wear? Is the dressing sense of her parents nice for their daughter?

Self-Esteem in Women

Then when the girl enters her pre-teens and teens, the pressure to look “pretty” starts which gets out of control as they grow up. Comparisons start. Often girls go into serious depression because of all the comments or even the lack of appreciation that they get.

All this needs to stop. Not just reduce, but really stop.

Sarah Ahmad Uqaili Contributor, Baaghi TV

In order to raise a strong and confident woman, parents should make sure to keep telling their daughter directly as well as indirectly that her worth doesn’t merely lie in her looks. She should be appreciated for who she is and what sort of a person she has become. It will take an entire generation to change this mindset in people. Only if we as parents work together and try to eradicate this false image of women will our daughters be able to become powerful women.

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