Employer makes woman drink toilet water?

BEIJING: A woman was forced to drink water from a toilet on the orders of employer. According to reports, the Chinese woman, to satisfy her boss with the performance of her work, drank toilet water. The video of the incident went viral on social media.

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According to a foreign news agency, the woman works as a cleaner in a private fertilizer company in China. In order to satisfy her employer with regards to the performance of her work, the woman was given the task of drinking water from the toilet seat, following which the cleaning lady drank water to guarantee excellent performance of her work.

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In the approximately 32-second video, the cleaner is seen wearing her uniform and drawing water from the toilet seat with the help of a small cup, in the presence of many people. After drinking the water, the people present offer applause to the cleaner in the form of applause.

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After drinking water from the toilet seat, the woman explained that by doing such things, she is able to appreciate herself and work harder, to which the woman’s supervisor applauded and encouraged her.

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Company officials are facing serious criticism thanks to the video on Chinese social media. People are commenting that in the wake of the Corona epidemic, such actions by the company are frivolous and inhumane.

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