Employment troubles for Disabled person

It is no denying the fact that every soul deserves basic rights for survival in this world. The United Nations organization, known as the world Government, has declared fundamental human rights which are entitled to every individual regardless of any discrimination based on color, caste, and creed.

However, Islam, the religion of peace, had been proclaimed the said human rights a hundred years ago which were known as the last sermon of the Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H). It is exemplary for the contemporary world and the next generations to come. The Holy Book of Islam urges people to treat people with intellectual disabilities with kindness and to protect people with disabilities.

Despite the sound academic background and having strong experience, a highly skilled person with a disability is ignored in developing countries like Pakistan using engineered and so-called policies of Private Sectors. They are targeted in case of promotion, salary, and other facilitations for being disabled. However, It has become a great hindrance to the life of ample people particularly the waifs and strays, who belong to poor strata of society, suffering from various sort of disabilities. They became unable to ignite the candle of their bright and resplendent career due to being a disabled person which is odd in Social order. To cut to the chase, such adroit and people who live below the poverty line due to disability, for Pakistan, a great source of skilled labor and ray of hope to boost the dwindling formal as well as the informal economy of the state.

Unlike Pakistan, the United States of America, the United Kingdom, and Europe pay head to such disable persons, who are great contributors to the economy of these developed and advanced states. People with disabilities in these states enjoy equal rights of employment, Moreover, they are given equal wages as compare to the able and normal persons besides other privileges. The reason behind the skyrocketed success of such states that rule the world today is being optimistic for their disabled citizen who is regarded as assets for them owing to skills and god gifted talent.

In Pakistan where Government has allocated a separate quota for disabled people in the public sector, people with disabilities are deprived of the due ratio of employment not only in the public sector but also in Private firms. The complications for disabled employees have been increasing at alarming rates. Despite combating voracious issues, Pakistan has made headways. National assembly passed the ICT Rights of Persons with Disability Act in 2020 where the term “Equality before the law” includes principles of quality on the equitable basis that persons with disability shall have in line with the Constitution and international covenants, Private firms pay no heads to it and failed to facilitate the servants given their disability.

Last but not least, no person or institution, whether public or private, shall discriminate against persons with disabilities who are no less than game-changers in terms of the development of Developed states. But in Pakistan, the alarming bells for unemployment among the disabled are ringing. Despite the amendments in ample laws, all efforts go in vain due to negligence of state man despite the availability of numerous laws which could not be enforced yet.

To sum up, the situation facing Pakistan calls for extraordinary measures. Even the situation is bleak, every dark cloud has a silver lining. It is imperative to recognize that there is no magic bullet or simple answer. It is high time, the Competent authority takes measures and chalks out effective strategies for the implementation of such rulings in letter and spirit instead of issuing new laws like a forest fire. It is the need of the hour that such written acts are turned into actions rather than passing these pieces of paper in halls of assembly.


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