End Game in Afghanistan

There are certain essential steps which lead to peace in Afghanistan. After Imran Khan’s visit to the US Pakistan’s role has become essentially important.

Indeed there are historical, ethnic, political and operational reasons for that. Pakistan’s role, political analysts say has to be one from a facilitator to that of a mediator. Bringinging all stake holders to a negotiating table is yet another crucial factor. Perhaps the most ingenious one. Unless there is a ceasefire in Afghanistan you can’t set things in motion. Lots of energy has to go into it. Certain steps in that regard will have to be taken in an orderly fashion before anything big happens in terms of general elections, an interim government will have to be set up.

This may oversee all activity that takes place in the circumscribed boundaries of Afghanistan and to supervise the general elections. When the time is ripe. Constitutional amendments are mandatory which necessarily are to be made once the the ball starts rolling. Once the whole system gets going making Afghanistan then a part of Geneva Convention will be a dire need. A significant move forward no doubt. Everything becomes legit, setting the wheel in motion.

Arrival of the peace keeping forces to maintain peace will beome more than necessary. Some bigger force has to guard the land of the mighty. The presence of Americans or maintaining certain bases is another factor which cant be ignored.

The contemptibile neglect to overlook any such transition or even afterwards would entail grave consequences. The issue of return of Afghan refugees from Pakistan’s point of view is considered paramount.. can’t leave the matter in limbo. That has to be made a part of any workable solution. Already we have bitten off more than we could chew. All around us countries are fiercely protective of their sovereignty, their economic health and territorial independance. Most of them now quite wary of the growing number of immigrants make a last ditch attempt to make it to european countries. They die in the process, dying in the high seas

The US should be made to realize how time hung heavy on us. Imran Khan should as a matter of fact dinn it into their ears how hard this has been. We were battered, buffeted. We have come furthest along the way but all this is spiralling into a irrecoverable morass.

Any ways once the favourable conditions return, we may see peace returning with a hope every one lives in peaceful neighbourhood. The IMF on the other hand could then think of providing loans to the Afghan Government. There has to be a comprehensive programme for this. There won’t be a significant move forward without that. There is certainly accumulation of arms and ammunition in Afghanistan. Someone big and mighty would be required to do the sweeping and clearing. I am sure that would happen as matters are streamlined. Any deal thereof has to be sustainable. An intra Afghan dialogue is one they are willing to discuss. The make up of a shorter smaller negotiating team potentially is the answer now. The cease fire is a major issue.

From the conversations that we hear United States and Pakistan are on the same page. Pakistan need to take a more proactive role.

Imran Khan has to take control of this situation. This could tilt in Pakistan’s favour, if dealt with calm and handled adroitly. I mean we still are lumbering on under a huge pile of debt. It’s him who has to now act like a statesman. More segacity is required.

We don’t need rambos, we need a saviour.


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