Entrepreneurship and How to Promote National Economic Objectives

Entrepreneurship are rare skills. There are many seekers, but not many job providers. This is true world over.

We need to value persons having Enterprise. These are the persons who promote National Economic Objectives.

Our Economic Policies should promote and Protect Long Term interest of our Industrialists and major Corp Owners.

This is dire need of the time to develop/maintain their continued Interest and Efforts in the Country.

In the wake of Accountability, we should NOT disturb our established Industrialists and major Corp Owners, EXCEPT those who have held Political Offices.

In my humble view, undeclared Assets in Pakistan or Abroad of persons, other than who held Political Offices, or Govt Officials, should be treated differently. They may be taxed at certain concessional rates and Allowed to Work in Pakistan with due Grace and Dignity.

We need to create jobs for our teeming masses, for which Investment can come forward from our Entrepreneurs ONLY if they have due Comfort, Social Recognition, Dignity, Personal Safety & Security and Above all, Security of their Capital / Assets.

These matters need kind attention of all our Ruling Elite.

May Allah swt Bless Pakistan and all living here for all times to come; Ameen.


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