Environment friendly Pakistan will increase GDP of country: Minister


LAHORE: Punjab Agriculture Minister Syed Hussain Jahanian Gardezi has said that Pakistan will become an environmentally friendly country.

He expressed these views while talking after planting saplings at Multan-Taskhar Motorway Interchange Sher Shah under the tree planting campaign.
The provincial minister said that every possible implementation of clean and green program was being done to make the country green. The Plant for Pakistan Vision will tackle the challenges of environmental pollution enabling the country increase the country’s gross domestic product (GDP), including positive environmental factors and water resources, along with improved agriculture, health and irrigation systems in our country. Pakistan will become an environmentally friendly country.
He said that in the past the importance of environment and forests was overlooked which led to imbalance in our ecosystem and huge increase in environmental pollution and water scarcity. Health problems have also taken a toll.
Syed Hussain Jahanian Gardezi further said that trees are the best source of providing a healthy environment as well as providing employment to the people which contributes significantly to the country’s economy.
He appealed to the people to plant as many plants as possible and also to protect and irrigate them as they are the guarantors of survival and a healthy environment for us and our future generations.
” Everyone should contribute to this campaign by planting trees so that environmental pollution can be eliminated” he said.
Director General of Pest Warning and Quality Control of Pest Sides Punjab Dr. Muhammad Aslam while giving a briefing said that the length of Multan to Sukkur Motorway is 392 km with more than 4 lakh local plants planted around it. Also shade and ornamental plants have been planted which are being taken care of regularly.