Erdogan says Turkey to turn elsewhere if US will not sell F-35s

Turkish president Recep Tayep Erdogan said on Friday Turkey will turn elsewhere if US did not sell F-35s.

According to reports of Baaghitv, Turkish President Recep Taayep Erdogan vowed to buy F-35s from somewhere else if US did not sell fighter jets to Turkey. He said, Turkey would meet its needs and there will be no compromise on national defense.

United States has long threatened to impose sanctions on Turkey, the NATO ally, if Turkey purchased S-400 from Russia. Turkey rebuffed the threats and continued the deal of buying S-400 from Russia and first supply of S-400 missiles took place in the last week.

Washington threatened to impose sanctions and block the sale of F-35s to Turkey if Turkey did not abandon the purchase of S-400 from Russia.Russia’s Rostec state conglomerate has expressed willingness to sell SU-35 jets to Ankara if they asked for it.

Turkish President Erdogan told the members of Ak party that his country is buying 100 advanced Boeing aircrafts, and the agreement has been signed in this regard, however, he vowed to buy from  fighter jets to meet the defense needs of the Turkey from other state if US did not proceed with the deal.

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