ERRA Corruption Scandal: Officials looted rupees 1.31b

Islamabad, 25th July: The Earthquake Reconstruction and Rehabilitation Authority (Erra) officials have allegedly embezzled income tax money of rupees 1.31b received from construction firms.
It was revealed in official documents, that Rawalkot office received Rs111m, Bagh office Rs390m and Muzzafarabad office received Rs810m, it was apprehended that the records were tempered.
Before this corrupt officials of ERRA transferred billions of rupees donated for earthquake victims to the JS Bank owned by former Ambassador of Pakistan to US, Ali Jahangir Siddiqi.
According to official documents, the corrupt officials of Erra have also not deducted tax of Rs 950m from different Chinese Companies.
Official documents also revealed that the mark up of the Earthquake victims’ donation amount deposited in JS Banks also embezzled by the corrupt officials of Erra.
Erra officials have not taken prior permission from Ministry of Finance nor followed the Standard Procedure and also violated the Public Procurement Regulatory Authority rules.
The Erra representative confirmed that an ex finance director has invested a huge amount in JS Bank with fake signatures.
The central culprit of this scandal the ex finance director is in jail and the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) is investigating the scandal.
ERRA officer has deposited the Rs10b, looted from national exchequer, which was embezzled during the government of Nawaz Sharif.
While Khushro Bakhtiyar and Bakht Jahan also allegedly looted the ERRA funds.
Sources informed to Online that Brunei Darussalam also donated for victims of Earthquake, but the funds were secretly embezzled.
The officials of ERRA are enjoying different kinds of fringe benefits and looting the national exchequer.

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