Ertugral Actress Esra Bilgic bashed Priyanka Chopra in support of Pakistan


Lahore, 13th May: Actress, Esra Bilgiç plays the lead role of Halima Sultan, in the Turkish Muslims’ 13th-century drama, Ertugrul Ghazi based on Islamic conquests. The drama has been dubbed as the ‘Turkish Game of Thrones‘.

While the characters of the drama are being well received on social media, there are some, who are being criticised by the fans too, for their personal life such as Esra Bilgiç, the female lead.

The Turkish actress Bilgic, shared photos of herself in western clothes on her Instagram account, much to the shock of Pakistani fans of the actress, who are expressing anger, and criticizing Bilgiç.

Fans criticized Esra Bilgiç’s bold photos, saying how could she wear clothes that are against Halima Sultan’s personality after playing the role of Halima Sultan.

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It is a good time to highlight her deed when she supported the Pakistani girl against Priyanka Chopra, a Bollywood celebrity.

The incident happened last year in August when Priyanka Chopra tweeted“Jai Hind” referring to the pseudo surgical strike of India in Pakistan. A girl named Ayesha Malik, in a Beautycon session in NewYork last year, accused her of being a “hypocrite” for supporting the Indian army and “encouraging nuclear war against Pakistan” amid a soaring clash between Pakistan and India.

After that Esra Bilgiç commented on Instagram under a thread replying to Priyanka Chopra. She said, “Being patriotic doesn’t mean that you should encourage the war. You shouldn’t belong in a conversation concerning war as a UN goodwill ambassador. You affect many children, many people as a role model. And you were so disrespectful against a woman who just asked you a question about your statement that you shared with millions people in your own twitter account.”

The Turkish model and actress schooled Priyanka on the fact that a UN goodwill ambassador has no business advocating war. She called it warmongering for what it is, and said it’s not patriotism.

The Turkish actress proved her love for Pakistanis long before Pakistanis started watching her drama series Ertugrul. She taught Priyanka that being a UN ambassador her words don’t match her designation.

While criticising an actor or actress, the people must keep in mind the profile they present when it comes to defending the rights of another and productively using their social status and influence to raise their voice for what is right.

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Although this is an old comment, Pakistani netizens must appreciate her for speaking against the Bollywood turned Hollywood actress Priyanka Chopra for promoting war despite being a UN goodwill ambassador.

Whether the actor/actress is a Muslim or a non-Muslim does not concern the public as their image on the media is not on the basis of their religion. The actors are there to entertain people. Thereby, we must remember not to criticize them on a personal level for things they may/may not do on camera.

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