How can we get our SnapChat’streaks’ back?

How can I get my SnapChat'streaks' back?

Like WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram, a big number of young people use the social media site SnapChat for pleasure, and this site is quite useful in keeping your friends informed.

Streaks are believed to be the continuation of a series, and Snapshot on SnapChat, a unique sort of activity that requires two users to trade a photo or video within 24 hours, is the focus of users’ interest.

Next to the names of pals, a streak of numbers appears.

However, SnapChat users often get frustrated when a long-running streak breaks down. Today we will show you how to start a broken streak back with the same number.

Go to Google search bar and type and open this website.

Select the Contact us option from the screen displayed in the image (first photo on the left hand side).

Then select the third option; you will be presented with a little form to complete; once completed, your broken streaks will begin to appear again without any damage.

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