Ertugrul: The voice behind Halime Sultan revealed

Lahore, 3rd August 2020: ‘Ertugrul Ghazi’, the Turkish drama series is receiving accolades of praises from all around the world, and especially Pakistan.

In Pakistan, there s a huge fan following of the series and the cast of Ertugrul. People have showered their love and affection for the main leads, Ertugrul and his wife Halime Sultan.

Halime Sultan, actually known as Esra Bilgic has captured the hearts of Pakistani fans. People love her charming personality and are praising her acting skills.

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The series ‘Ertugrul’ started airing on Pakistan National TV channel (PTV) during the Eid-ul-Fitr on demand from the Prime Minister Imran Khan.

Since then the Urdu-dubbed version of the historic Turkish series is ruling the hearts of the people of Pakistan. Fans are undoubtedly in love with the powerful voices of Ertrugrul and his wife Halime Sultan.

With the success of the Urdu-dubbed version, people are inquisitive who are the voices behind the main cast.

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Initially, Pakistan Television Network (PTV) had the usual artists working on the Urdu dubbing of Dirilis Ertugrul. Later their work was scratched out. PTV then reached out to a private agency that provided independent voice-actors for the project.

The voice behind Halime Sultan has been revealed on Turns out Karachi-based RJ Rabia Kiran Rajpoot was our princess all along.

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In this video, she has recorded an iconic dialogue from Ertugrul.

Rabia Kiran Rajpoot is not new to dubbing Turkish dramas and has voiced many characters for Turkish dramas for Urdu 1.

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We might finally get to see the Ertugrul Ghazi voice cast. RJ Rabia shared that PTV will air a special program to introduce the entire Ertugrul Ghazi voice-cast.

Rabia Kiran’s voice is being loved all over Pakistan as Halime Sultan.

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