Eulogizing Javed Chaudhri: Man of Honour, Dignity & Compassion

Javed Chaudhri, brother of my very dear friend Nasir, leaves for the heavenly abode. The first horrible news that I received after my month-long trip to Europe and other parts of the world. I was shocked beyond belief.

Javed Chaudhri, was a senior student and a fellow from the class of 74, I joined Aitchison in 69. That is where I met Nasir. Nasir was the youngest known for his give-a-damn attitude. He carries on with his distinct quality till date from the very beginning. They were basically four brothers born to A. R. Chaudhri, a well-renowned retired officer of his time. Who rose to prominence in the late 50s. He was a man of honour and dignity. A combination of compassion and decency.

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I remember our father passed away on the 25th of Oct 1970. Their father died two years later. The world fell upon the shoulders of their mother. She took it upon herself to raise her 5 children including, Tehmina who is the only younger sister the Chaudhri brothers have. All brothers showered love upon her. A lot of respect and recognition are accorded to her.

Their father was known to have distributed plates and cups to the Pakistan Army during the war times. Such men are hard to come by. Thereafter we saw Jamshed, Nadir, and Nasir all of who left Pakistan for their academic pursuits. Their mother didn’t let her children feel any deprivation. I guess anybody’s mother of her status would have done the same, in the event of such a big crisis. Hats off to her because she remained steadfast all these years of struggle.

Jimmy who was the no.2 man in the hierarchical arrangement or in the configuration of the siblings. He passed away two years ago. After his mother who had left a couple of years ago. It was a tragic moment for the family. It was a moment of pain, torment, and grief.

I remember Nasir, mentioning to me that Jimmy was like an anchor to him. I told him to keep his calm. None can avert the decree of fate. But now that Javed passes away we all are in shock again. Javaid was a retired captain in PIA. He served as a pilot for the longest period of time. A man who was known for his generosity, chivalry, and gup shup. An ardent lover of cigars, Javed bhai had fallen sick for over two years. Nadir the youngest had chosen to be with his eldest brother. He remained with Javed, these past six months. We would get around Javed, and have gup shup. He was a gourmet.

His wife and their Kashmiri cook would prepare amazing dishes. We still relish the taste of some interesting dishes cooked the Kashmiri way. It is noteworthy, that Javed threw a party for Nadir’s friends in a novice setting. Nasir’s closest buddies were there to grace the occasion.

Captain Javed was blessed with two very beautiful children… Muhammad and Ayesha. He remained concerned about the two till the end. He would go on and on when describing certain anecdotal happenings. He said he missed them. He admitted that the nature of the job kept him away from his lovely wife and the children whom he loved dearly.

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In a most congenial setting. Out in the open, the alfresco-style lavish spread of assorted mouth-watering dishes. Caught your sight. Oh, what a great host he was.

Eulogizing Javed Chaudhri: Man of Honour, Dignity & Compassion | Baaghi TV

It was no ordinary lunch to have been missed anyways. Nadeem Atta. Rana Mustafa, Mazhar Hayat, Mateen malik Shaffat Deevaan, and Sadiq Khan were among those present that day. It looked like a great fest and celebration at 35-D. He wanted this for his younger brother Nasir whom he considered like his own son. There was love in the air. All seemed hunky dory. But I guess all the good things have to come to an end.

Little did we know that he would end up in a body bag. He was in Islamabad. He would be keen on going there, meeting his family there too. At the metro store as he would often be on a shopping spree, collapsed and breathed his last. He was buried in Islamabad on the doctors’ advice. His qul yesterday was attended by his college fellows. Mostly seen were Shah jahan Bhatti, Faisal ur Rehman, Hamid Murad, and a few more. His death is mourned no doubt. But the memory of his conduct would stay on forever. You will be missed, Captain. May you fly high in Jannah, Ameen.

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