European paragliders set a new paragliding record in Pakistan

RAWALPINDI: With the European paragliding team setting a new record for paragliding on the Baltoro Glacier in Skardu, Pakistan has become the most appealing venue for adventure sports.

The European paragliding team achieved a new record at an altitude of 8407 metres, according to the Pakistan Army Public Relations (ISPR). The Army School of Physical Training Kakul squad was also participated in paragliding.

Five of the 14 peaks above 8,000 meters in the world are located in Pakistan and six European paragliders have been present in Hunza and Skardu since May 25, led by world-renowned paraglider Antا#n Grad. His mission was to set a world record for paragliding.

The new record was set at 8,407 meters. The previous world record was 8,157 meters. The record was set by European paraglider Einstein Jordan on the Baltoro Glacier in Skardu and it is a great honor for Pakistan to set this record on its soil.

ISPR says that famous paragliders of Army School, Physical Training also participated in the practice. Captain Ahsan led the Pakistan Army Paragliding Team, along with Hawaldar Qasim and Hawaldar Muqeed. Successful paragliding from 4 to 5 thousand meters high 4 different peaks.

The foreign paragliders thanked the government, Pakistan Army for its facilities and assistance, while the popularity of the northern areas increased further with the world record.

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