Even before the summers, the water crisis in Karachi intensified

baaghiTV: The people of Karachi are suffering from water shortage even before the onset of summer. If this is the case now, what will be the situation this summer?
How to get rid of civic problems Unfortunately, the water board has no plans.

Due to this situation, alarm bells started ringing for the citizens of Karachi. Where there are many problems for the residents of Shar-e-Quaid, shortage of drinking water and non-supply is also a big problem. Karachi’s daily water requirement is increasing day by day and in such a situation there is no remote possibility for the city leader to find any additional source of water supply including force.

Karachi has a population of over 16 million, while other sources put the population at 20 million. Is. This growing population is suffering from rapid resource deprivation. The demand for water for the city is increasing day by day but despite this no increase has been made in the water supply in the city for the last fifteen years.

Therefore, the city is now being supplied 56% less water than it needs. Almost every other citizen of Karachi is spending all his comfort, time and money to get water.

Karachi is currently supplied with water from two different sources. One from the Indus River and the other from the Hub Dam, both of which are about 150 km from the city. The city’s daily water needs are estimated at 1,100 to 1,200 million gallons. But from these two sources, a total of 550 to 580 million gallons of water is being supplied to Karachi daily.

The rotten supply system wastes 174 million gallons of water and barely 406 million gallons of water is available to citizens, which is only 44% of the city’s needs.

The demand for water for the residents and economic activities of the city of Karachi is increasing day by day while the amount of water available is decreasing. The shortage of water in Karachi can be estimated from the fact that almost every other person in the city Is not getting the water it needs, on the one hand there is water scarcity and on the other hand the biggest problem is the availability of clean drinking water is very difficult,

In 13 years, the population has been growing rapidly, water supply has not been increased to meet the needs, water sales business has started to grow due to scarcity, additional water supply project “K4” has been delayed while urban water supply All three are forced to spend their comfort, time and money to achieve.