Facebook launches new app for music enthusiasts

Facebook, the most popular social media site, has launched a new app for music enthusiasts.

baaghiTV: According to a report by a foreign news agency, a team called Facebook New Product Experimentation (NPE) has just launched an application called ‘Bars’ in the United States.

Facebook’s app bar will be of great help to people who want to wrap, while it will also provide users with hundreds of beats on which the rapper will be able to record 60 seconds of video.

In addition, the app will suggest melodies, audio and video filters when typing wrapping lyrics in the Barz application. If you like the video, click on the fire (icon) to like it.

According to the report, Facebook has also started work on the development of a smart watch. The initial version of the smart watch is likely to be introduced in 2022, which will have an open source Android operating system and a built-in cellular connection.

Facebook’s smartwatch will focus on fitness and health, while messaging will also be provided and video calling will be provided in the smartwatch.

Note that this app is currently only for a limited number of users in the United States, while no announcement has yet been made regarding the launch of the app for users around the world.