Ex-Pfizer VP warns against vaccination: ‘These are not vaccines’

An ex-Pfizer scientist turned anti-vax proponent has made unfounded claims about the novel coronavirus vaccine in a video of an interview he gave that have been posted on social media.

Mike Yeadon, a former vice president of vaccine maker Pfizer, was a guest on Del Bigtree’s The HighWire program last week. He said the purpose of the “pandemic”, the lies and the vaccines, he says, is to make sure everyone gets an electronic identity card.

The so-called “variants” we hear more and more about are a lie, Dr Yeadon emphasized. People may need to take a booster vaccine against several variants. “You don’t need booster vaccines,” the scientist said. “I am terrified of booster vaccines because they are not vaccines.”

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What if it’s a gene sequence designed to kill you?

What’s in that third, fourth or fifth shot? “What if it’s a gene sequence designed to kill you?” he asked. Yeadon explained that it is the ideal way to administer something to billions of people over a period of months or even years that can harm and kill them.

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The ex scientist went on to say that you don’t have to be afraid of the virus. “You must be terrified of your government. Don’t be afraid of the virus, it’s almost gone. Be terrified of your government. You must take back your freedoms.”

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Dangerous Vaccines

Yeadon pointed out that they will not voluntarily return these freedoms because they were never legitimately taken from you. “It has never been necessary to go into lockdown. Lockdowns don’t work. They misinformed you about the seriousness of the virus, denied you access to effective treatments and then exposed you to very dangerous vaccines.”

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