Explosive report on Lord Nazir Ahmed exposes his infidelity

Lahore, 11th March: A former Pakistani-origin member of Britain’s House of Lords, Lord Nazir Ahmed has been accused of sexually assaulting a woman who had come to him for help.

Baaghi TV: An explosive British Parliament report on Lord Nazir reveals that former Labour Peer Nazir Ahmed ‘groped’ a woman seeking help from him.

A report by the British Parliament has revealed that Lord Nazir Ahmed sexually assaulted a former Labour colleague who came to his home for help.

The report reveals that Nazir Ahmed, 63, was accused of spiking the woman’s tea with a drug – a charge he denied – before the couple had consensual sex in his bedroom.

Former Lord Nazir Ahmad in more trouble, accused of abuse in the early 1970s

The two went on to have a two-month sexual relationship before the married peer, Baron Ahmed of Rotherham, ended the affair.

In the report, the woman who is in her 40s and her name has been kept secret for legal reasons, later complained to police. She also co-operated with an investigation by the House of Lords standards commissioner, following which Lord Ahmed resigned his seat in disgrace last November.

As per reports from Daily Mail, a 268-page report by the Lords committee had recommended his removal from the house and the contents can now be reported for the first time.

The report stated, “Her complaint against Lord Ahmed was that when she asked him for help he initially made unwanted physical contact of a sexual nature with her and later held out the promise of using his influence to help her, when in fact his aim was to have sex with her.’

Did Lord Nazir Ahmad resign or was he removed?

A per the report, the woman contacted Ahmed to help her file a complaint to police about a faith healer she believed had exploited people financially and sexually.

Giving the details, the woman alleged that somewhere in March 2017, they agreed to have dinner in London to discuss a letter he had written to police. After the meal, the woman declined his invitation to go back to his house, but he got into her car and touched her inappropriately.

The woman described, ‘This was unexpected, unwelcome and unprovoked and he apologised when she protested.’

However, Ahmed denied touching her but the commissioner found the assault happened.

What is the reason behind Lord Nazir Ahmed’s retirement from the House of Lords?

The woman said Ahmed continued to send her texts, expressing that he had ‘feelings’ for her, but she blocked him.

Months later, she contacted Lord Ahmed and asked him to arrange a meeting with the police on the same matter.

The report revealed how ultimately Ahmed lured the woman to his house in London to discuss a police offer to meet her.

Standards commissioner Lucy Scott-Moncrieff found Peer had planned a ‘sexual encounter’ with the woman and no intention of helping her deal with police.

The woman later told police that she drank tea which she believes had been spiked and after drinking that, the Lord made advances to her and finally took her to his bedroom and had sex.

The report added, ‘She said he had not forced her to have sex with him…nor had she been expecting that they were going to have sex the first time that she went to his house, but it happened.’

She also said that she felt strange that evening and behaved out of character by having sex with an older man she was not attracted to.

However, the commissioner did not verify the drugging allegation.

According to reports from Mail Online, Police investigated her complaint about Ahmed before a decision was made to take no criminal action.

The parliamentary investigation concluded that Lord Ahmed had breached the code of conduct by acting dishonestly and without integrity.

On the other hand, Lord Ahmed insisted he had done nothing wrong. He admitted they had a sexual relationship, but said she seduced him.

Ahmed alleged that the woman instigated sexual contact at his house.

However, the commissioner found that he was a liar and failed to cooperate with the inquiry conducted at the woman’s request.

Hence, Lord Ahmed avoided being expelled by resigning from the House of Lords himself.

It is to be noted that earlier Lord Nazir Ahmed resigned from the House of Lords saying that his wife has been ill for many years. After spending more time with his wife, Lord Nazir Ahmed decided to retire from the House of Lords in 2020.

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