Expo Center declares media reports fake

Lahore, July 10: The Expo Center building is not rented but is being used in the national interest due to lockdown.

Expo Center Field Hospital Lahore strongly denies the media reports. Under the Prevention of Epidemic Diseases Ordinance 2020, no wasteful expenditure was incurred by the Punjab Government in Lahore Expo center and no amount was owed in terms of rent. After declaring the Corona epidemic an international health emergency, the Punjab government started quarantine centers and field hospitals to facilitate patients.

The largest Corona Field Hospital in Punjab has been set up at the Expo Center. All procurement process was completed in a transparent and legal manner. All events were banned in March due to the lockdown. The expo center, including the wedding halls, was closed for all kinds of celebrations. The district administration shifted the expo center building to the field hospital on an emergency basis as per the decision of the government.

On April 10, 2020, a meeting was held under the chairmanship of DC Lahore with the management of the Expo Center. It was decided in the meeting that the electricity and gas bills of the temporary field hospital set up at the Expo Center would be paid by the Department of Specialized Healthcare and Medical Education. The bill came up with a misunderstanding after which all the contents of the meeting have been sent to the federal government to clear up the misunderstanding about the exposure center.

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