Facebook decided to make a big change in the app

There was a time when users could chat with friends from within the Facebook app, but the company later dropped the feature, forcing users to download and use the Messenger app.

After this policy, many people have become accustomed to using the Facebook app and Messenger separately, but now it seems that Facebook has admitted that this decision was not right.

According to a Bloomberg report, Facebook has decided to withdraw its decision and bring audio and video calls back to its main app.

This means that users who want to make video or voice calls to their Facebook friends will soon be able to do so through the main Facebook app, the report said.

However, if they want to chat, they will probably still need to download the Messenger app.

Connor Hayes, Facebook’s director of product messenger, said the changes were already being made to a select few users in the United States, which means it may take some time for the feature to reach other users around the world.

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